‘Smash therapy’ business gets a little loud and Destiny USA drops the hammer

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Feeling destructive? Mad as a dad in traffic?

In Rochester, you can smash out all your rage and stress at a new local business called Smash Therapy Inc., located at 1225 Jefferson Rd.

Steven Shortino opened Smash Therapy in late October, with multiple rooms where you can smash things to your heart’s content.

“A lot of people have anger bottled up; they come here to get it all out,” said Shortino. “But there’s also a lot of people that just come here to have fun.”

Smash Therapy provides your weapons (a bat, crowbar or sledgehammer), safety gear (goggles, helmets and body suits) and items to smash.

Available items to destroy include glass and liquor bottles, game consoles, printers, vacuums, kitchen appliances and copiers.

“The bat is best for the glass and the sledgehammer and crowbar are best for the electronics,” Shortino said.

It’s also a pretty good workout.

The glass comes from garage sales and estate sales, or they’re donated by local bars. The electronics come from an area recycling program, and are returned to be recycled again after being smashed up by customers.

“I brought my 18-year-old granddaughter with me,” said Jill Brasser, Shortino’s grandmother. “So we shared the experience, the young and the old. I left stress-free and giggling, because I couldn’t believe that I did it.”

There are three rooms which can fit one or two people, and one group room, which fits up to four people.

Shortino said companies have rented out the group room as a corporate bonding activity.

The rooms are open Thursday through Sunday and sessions start at $20 per person (or $15 if you bring your own stuff to destroy).

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