Smash Solutions Teaching Rage Room Owners How to Succeed in the Industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / The popularity of rage rooms or anger rooms has grown exponentially. Seen as an effective way to alleviate stress, the industry sees more and more shops open in the past few years. And as simple as the business might sound, there is more to running a smash room that meets the eye. That’s where Smash Solutions comes in. As proven experts in building rooms where people break things for fun, they help people create successful and profitable rage rooms.

The idea comes from smash business expert Steven Shortino. He’s best known for starting the highly popular and successful Smash Therapy, Inc. in Rochester, New York. Steven has spent the last two years working hard to create a successful rage room. After countless hours and a sizable investment into his business, he’s discovered the winning formula for creating a successful smash room business. Today, he takes his knowledge and experience into an extensive training company called Smash Solutions, which teaches all there is to know about starting a smashing room company.

Rage rooms, also known as anger or smash rooms, are establishments where people can come to break things deliberately. This form of activity is a popular way for people to alleviate stress for many people. People pay a premium to enter a room and smash objects, including mirrors, glasses, guitars, bottles, plates, gadgets, appliances, and other fragile objects.

While relatively young, the smash room industry has grown tremendously in the last few years, especially in the United States. Yet most people who start a rage room business end up losing too much money from operations or struggle to find the right clientele. Here enters Smash Solutions, a training program that features all of anger room expert Steven Shortino’s best practices. “For nearly two years, I’ve been living and breathing rage rooms,” shares the twenty-three-year-old entrepreneur. “I have learned what mistakes not to make, the most efficient business operations, and everything you need to know before starting.”

Smash Solutions features the masterclass, “How to Start a Successful Rage Room.” The online course teaches both aspiring and existing smash room owners how to start in the business, get clients, and run smooth rage room operations. Through the course lessons, Steven Shortino shows all he has done to make Smash Therapy a success. He shows all he did to book over 500 guests a month and earn up to 25 thousand dollars monthly. Steve also offers one-on-one consultations and smaller introductory courses for those who are just starting.

Through his masterclass, Steve helps smash room owners avoid unnecessary headaches and mistakes that become sizable losses if unresolved. He maintains that the learning investment will always be significantly smaller than the expense of learning from mistakes. Through the course, students will also learn all the safety protocols that must come into place to make the rage room experience safe for every customer.

Steven Shortino is someone who has proven that he can make things happen for himself. A hard worker and creative entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to succeed. Today, he wants to help other rage room owners to experience the same level of success while also creating a safe space where people can experience a release from the stresses of life.

To learn more about Smash Solutions, check out the official website. You can also learn more about Steven on the Smash Therapy Inc website.

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